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Graphic Design: Definition, Types of Graphic Designing, & Scope

Are you a creative head who loves the visual arts? Do you love sketching your imagination on paper or explaining a concept using visuals? But are you facing hardships knowing how broad graphic designing is & what’s its scope in the future?

Don’t worry we have your back. The Creative Edge understands the pain of aspiring designers. Thus, we are sharing all about graphic design, types of graphic design, & its scope in the industry.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic designing is nothing but communication of ideas & information in visual form. It’s more like solving problems using elements like typography, color, form, imagery, and form. Thus, the only metric that decides the expertise of graphic designers is their ability to communicate without words.

So, if you have that capability, any creative graphic design company will onboard you. But before going towards the careers, let’s understand the types of graphic design to get you the clarity.

Types of Graphic Design

There are 4 types of graphic designs, understanding these 4 will help you understand which niche is perfect for you in the career ahead.

1. Visual Identity Graphic Design

A brand is a bridge between an organization and its customers. A company's brand identity describes how it expresses its tone and essence, emotions, and almost all the experiences. The visual aspects of brand identification that operate as the face of a brand to express those intangible attributes through pictures, forms, and color are known as visual identity graphic design.

2. Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design

Marketing & advertising are the 2 big synonyms of graphics designing.

To make an entry into their target audience's hearts, businesses trust marketing campaigns. Brands can engage with people with great marketing. Graphic design supports organizations by making the communication successful with the users. Because consumers always like eye-appealing content better than the boring textual one.

Examples of marketing graphic design:

  • Postcards and flyers

  • Magazine and newspaper ads

  • Posters, banners, and billboards

  • Infographics

  • Brochures (print and digital)

  • Vehicle wraps

  • Trade show displays

  • Email marketing templates

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Menus

  • Social media ads, banners, and graphics

  • Banner and retargeting ads

  • Images for websites and blogs

3. User Interface Graphic Design

The way a user interacts with a device or program is referred to as the user interface (UI). The process of designing simple to use and eye appealing user interfaces is known as User Interface Graphic Design. But UI design focuses on the user's visual experience. Its focus relies on on-screen graphic components such as buttons, menus, micro-interactions, and more. A UI designer's task is to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and technological usefulness.

4. Publication Graphic Design