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Basic Understanding of Your Business

These questions allow us to: get a good understanding of your business, and to help you with a marketing plan that is as accurate as possible to meet the business needs.

1: Do you have a website?

2: Kindly mention the website URL or describe the products/ services offered by your business 

3: Who is your ideal customer? Age, Gender, Industry, Average Income, Interest, Behaviour, Likes or Dislikes etc.

4: What makes people buy your product or service, what is the USP? Mention 5 USP

5: Does your offer create or solve a problem of the customer? Kindly mention 3 - 5 problems that your products or services solve.

6: Who are your top 5 competitors, Kindly mention their name

7: What is your Marketing Budget?

8: How much can you spend on ads?

9: Kindly mention any other information you want to add.

Thanks for submitting!